Researchers explores the promise and peril of computer-based writing assessment software.
You think your Facebook profile is private? Think again.
Internet companies may have to provide more information on people and businesses who sell goods and services online, in a crackdown on tax evasion.
Throw away the detergent and forgo the elbow grease: pesky proteins can now be removed from surfaces by simply exposing them to light, thanks to a reusable titania template.
The battle over how Instagram will allow women's bodies to be portrayed rages on.
Junk mail or spam has fallen to less than 50% of all the email scanned in June by security firm Symantec.
Technological innovations, multiple genres, online gaming and mobile apps have led gaming to become big business. Call of Duty Black Ops sold 1.4 million copies and registered 2.6 million Xbox Live players on launch day. Adolescents increasingly use gaming for a significant part of their leisure ...
Android receptionists greet guests checking into what is claimed to be a world's first
Online pirates could face jail terms of up to 10 years under plans being considered by the government.
Part of a 1929 prediction by physicist Hermann Weyl -- of a kind of massless particle that features a singular point in its energy spectrum called the "Weyl point" -- has finally been confirmed by direct observation for the first time, says an international team of physicists. The finding could l...
Until recently, the odds of finding a Wi-Fi signal in Cuba were almost as low as stumbling upon a McDonald's.
It will be more difficult to find "abhorrent" content posted to community news site Reddit, the site's chief executive announces.
Patients who received rehabilitation instructions via video teleconference, or 'telerehabilitation,' following total knee replacement surgery had comparable outcomes to patients who received in-person physical therapy, according to a study.
The first human footprint on the moon. The landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars. NASA scientists put the significance of the New Horizons spacecraft flyby of Pluto right up there with those milestones.
An internet forum used by Lizard Squad and other hackers has been forced offline following arrests in the US, UK and other countries.
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